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Donetsk is one of the biggest cities of Ukraine where you can find industrial enterprises, production companies, plants of fuel-energy sector, mineral resource industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, heavy engineering as well as agricultural sector. All these enterprises meet the problem to transfer their employers to working places. City public transport does not always manage to solve this problem since most enterprises are located far from pass transport lines. Furthermore, the beginning and the end of the working day at most enterprises coincide and results overcrowding in public transport during so called “rush hours”. Whatever you say, during such “hours” we all experience stress situations. Obviously, there are a lot of disadvantages of spending time and getting on nerves, as a result reduces working efficiency and in turn has negative impact on enterprise profits amount. Additional transportation costs for your employers will be repaid rather fast, not least of all as an employee’s gratitude to the enterprise for taking care of them. Our company solves the most difficult employee transport problems for successfully developing companies in our region whose details you can see in section Partnership. Many of them are companies with foreign investments. No doubt, there are a lot of advantages of using ordered motor vehicles even for the biggest companies. For employee transportation you need about 2-3 hours per day. With such a load we do not even talk about use efficiency of own motor transport. Besides, costs for maintenance of own motor transport fleet are very high. Our Economy class and Business class buses and minibuses can satisfy any enterprise requirements. Our consultants will provide their services for costs calculation and routs developing needed for transportation of your employers. One more thing, after start of our cooperation you have no need to spend time and money for getting to our office. Documentation maintenance, agreements, certificates, waybills and other accompanied documents we submit to your office in any time appropriate for you.

As we mentioned above, Donetsk is an industrial city, but Donetsk region is famous not only for this. Natural-reserved fund of Donetsk region occupies 3% of it’s territory. There are four regional landscape parks, national natural park, Ukrainian steppe reserve of NAS of Ukraine, botanic garden of NAS of Ukraine. There are more than 200 protected species of plants. There are 38 natural sites, 13 natural conservancy areas, 1 park-site of garden art in the region. In Svyatogorsk there are 129 archeological and 73 historical monuments telling us about foregone heritage. These are kurgans (burial mounds), settlements of copper-bronze epoch, Scythian-Sarmatian and Slavic archeological sites, medieval ancient settlements of Khazarsky Kaganat and Zolotaya Orda times. For example, in landscape park “Meotida” there are more than 60 archeological sites of Paleolithic age (Old Stone Age). Khomutovskaya steppe shows us how looked in ancient time Priazovye (areas near the Sea of Azov). Present-day Donetsk can suggest different programs for staying in the city – excursions, visits to academic theatres and entertaining sport events, all this you can combine with business meetings. Sightseeing in Donetsk region attracted for many decades famous writers, painters, people of art and tourists. Except historical sites, visits to botanic garden and recreation in Svyatogorsk and at coast of Sea of Azov, Donbass can show it’s industry. Inhabitants of our city and other regions of Ukraine as well as foreigners are interested in visiting our enterprises, in particular Artemovsk champagne factory, or descending into the mine. Impressions from visiting this kind of remarkable places should not be dejected by transport problems. For excursion programs “LuxAutoCom” can provide comfortable tourist buses and minibuses of Business and Luxe class, equipped with microphones, TV and air conditioning devices. If necessary, experienced guide from Donetsk history museum or guide-interpreter will accompany you, it will make your trip colorful and exciting.

Guests of Donbass capital can find comfortable hotels – “Donbass Palace”, “Victoria”, “Central”, “Prague”, “John Hughes” and other, where service level comply with European requirements. We can guarantee our tourists a lot of kinds of entertainment, recreation and impressions. In our company you can order transfers by comfortable buses and minibuses for any number of passengers and roomy luggage compartments. Our assistants will meet you and your guests with the greatest pleasure.

The optimal conditions for economical investment were created in the Ukrainian industrial capital. Donbass offers the most beneficial business incentives in Ukraine. Donetsk free economic zones and territories with privileged development are the region’s “business card”. Now the city receives both foreign and national investments. This proves that Donetsk is developing in the European direction. Donetsk has business and friendly relations with many cities of the world. In should be mentioned that more than 400 companies export its products to CIS and other foreign markets. Luxe-class buses, minibuses and minivans are the best choice while providing transport services for business guests. This class provides transport of European level; it will make a good impression of your company and contribute to successful business negotiations.

Finally it should be mentioned that our transport has international licenses, so we can perform trips to CIS and other foreign countries. LuxAutoCom guarantees: a) timely transport provision to all places of mounting in time approved by the client. b) provision of cars which meet sanitary and technical requirements, in working order, available for transportation of people. c) mobile phones in the cars, ordered by clients. d) quick substitution for similar transport in case of breakdown. e) safety transportation without any violation of current traffic regulations and rules. е) timely and appropriate processing of supporting documents. With care of people “LuxAutoCom”.