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LuxAutoCom - комфорт без компромиссов
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type of car


1km out of town The minimum order foto
 1h in the city       +1km      

Mercedes S class W 221 Long

Number of seats: 4+1

 600 uah  5 uah  12 uah  1+1 (1000 uah)  
 Mercedes GL 4 matic
Количество мест: 6+1
 500 uah  4 uah  10 uah  1+1 (1000 uah)  
 Mercedes Viano 2,2 Ambiente
Number of seats: 6+1
 250 uah  2 uah  5 uah  1+1 (500 uah)  
 Mercedes Viano 3,0 Ambiente
Number of seats: 7+1
 300 uah 2 uah 6 uah   1+1 (600 uah)  
 Mercedes Sprinter 218 President
Number of seats: 8+1
 400 uah  3 uah  8 uah  1+1 (800 uah)  
 Mercedes Sprinter 313 LUX
Number of seats: 16+1+1
 200 uah  2 uah  5 uah  1+1 (400 uah)  
 Mercedes Sprinter 515 LUX
Number of seats: 20+1
 250 uah  2.50 uah  6 uah  1+1 (500 uah)  
 Mercedes Sprinter 519 Exclusive
Number of seats: 18+1+1
 400 uah  3.00 uah  8 uah  1+1 (800 uah)  

Mitsubishi Powerbus

(TEMSA Opalin 9Е)

Number of seats: 35+1+1

 350 uah  3 uah  9 uah  1+2 (1050 uah)  
 King Long 6996
Number of seats: 39+1+1
 400 uah  4 uah  10 uah  1+2 (1200 uah)  
 SCANIA Irizar New Century
Number of seats: 49+1+1
 500 uah  5 uah  12 uah  2+2 (2000 uah)  


* The rate shown in UAH without VAT.

* If you order less than 5:00: Feed the minibus will be charged at the cost of 1:00, the bus supply in the amount of the cost of 2 hours of the city.


Price - that is what we are usually interested in the first place if you pay any kind of service or the purchase of goods . In most cases, we are looking for the optimal ratio in the equation of "price - quality", but , unfortunately, is often mistaken in the choice . The firm belief of our company : it is impossible to compare the transportation , you want to get, just based on the brand and the year the bus . After all, only one company name , logo emblazoned on the hood of the car ordered , does not say absolutely nothing about the level of comfort of the cabin, not its technical condition. What is important given the fact that the car is a means of increased danger and calls for a daily skilled attention.

The cost of transportation is composed of three main components:

1) the cost of the vehicle, its damping ;

2) the cost of maintenance and operation ;

3) payment.

" LuxAutoCom " regularly seeks to update the rolling stock, which, of course , it was noted by our loyal customers. Unfortunately , the new car is worth more than the old one, which of course , affects the cost of the transportation , but it does affect it and its safety . Trouble-free operation of the car depends on its technical condition ! Daily technical inspection , timely maintenance , the use of spare parts and accessories only the leading European manufacturers (thanks to the company " TrakDizel "), as well as the regular replacement of their professional craftsmen make our buses really safe on the roads. Just a lot of attention is paid to the subjective factor , namely the recruitment and training of drivers. Wages in the company above the industry average , which allows us to carry out a very rigorous selection process and be proud of the professionalism of our drivers . Annual certification of professional skills , a daily health check - all work carried out for the two main factors of quality passenger transport: safety and comfort.

Sharing cars in three classes , we offer three price categories . But , regardless of class, you can be assured that you will be provided with high-quality service . The difference in the cost of transport is due only to the depreciation and operating costs. The proposal - we can serve you :

a) safe and

b) comfortable

c) inexpensive, where is possible to select only two items , our company focuses on the first two.

And you ?